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Comprehensive Scholarship Applications

Warrior Run Comprehensive Scholarship, and First Community Foundation Partnership Application

Warrior Run Comprehensive Scholarship


The application for the Warrior Run Comprehensive Scholarship will be available starting March 1, 2021. It is managed by the Community Giving Foundation. Students who complete this application are eligible for numerous scholarships that are awarded at Awards Night.

Please follow these directions to complete the comprehensive application:

Community Giving Foundation Now Accepting Scholarship Applications

The Community Giving Foundation is pleased to announce that applications for scholarship awards for the 2021-2022 academic year are available March 1, 2021. Graduating high school seniors, current undergraduate students, and non-traditional students residing across the Foundation’s regional service area (Columbia, Lower-Luzerne, Montour, Northumberland, Snyder, and Union Counties) can apply for a variety of scholarships. The scholarship opportunities listed below are available through an online application process, available at 

  • Click on “Grants and Scholarships”

  • Click “Scholarships”

  • Click on “Scholarship Site Login”

  • Create New Account

  • Once on the applicant dashboard, click Apply

  • Scroll to pick what scholarships you are eligible for

  • Complete and Submit by Deadline

  • Any questions contact Karri Harter or 570-752-3930 ext. 6.

The following Scholarships are available through this application:


Orlando C. Scopelliti Scholarship - Deadline April 1, 2021

Available for high school graduates from any school district within the Foundation’s service area (Columbia, Lower-Luzerne, Montour, Northumberland, Snyder, and Union Counties) entering degree programs for the care and/or education of the mentally and physically challenged. Students are eligible to apply upon acceptance to a qualified program for a bachelor’s, associate, or technical degree. This is a one-year award.


William S. and Virginia L. Hartman Family Scholarship - Deadline April 1, 2021

Warrior Run High School seniors attending the Pennsylvania State University are eligible to apply for this scholarship. Special consideration will be given to students who are studying agriculture or education have exhibited a high degree of academic achievement and community involvement (4-H or other educational and service-oriented youth programs), and to students who are the first in their immediate family to attend a bachelor’s program. This is a one-year scholarship award.


The scholarships awarded through this application are only available to Warrior Run students in the Class of 2021. The scholarships and awards available are based on a wide variety of criteria. Monies are awarded to students with varied post-high school plans including the following: 4 year colleges, 2 year colleges, business and technical schools, certificate programs, military, and workforce. Monies are awarded with the following, varying criteria in mind: academic achievement, financial need, extra-curricular activities and accomplishments (musical, athletic, etc.), community service and leadership. Monies are specifically awarded to students pursuing career paths including but not limited to the following: computers, diesel technology, floriculture, heavy equipment, technology, heating and/or ventilation, agriculture, nursing, electronics, air conditioning, natural science, farming, medical field, horticulture, environmental science and medical research.

Some of the largest awards handed out at our annual Awards Night ceremony are managed through the Warrior Run Education Foundation. These also are awarded through the completion of this comprehensive scholarship application. These awards include the Bernice Bissell Business & Technology Scholarship Award, H. William Koch Scholarship Award, the Jack Zeigler Memorial Scholarship Award, and the Warrior Run Scholarship. In order to be eligible for these awards students must complete the optional essay portion of the online application.

In addition to the scholarships that are awarded solely to Warrior Run students, there are two scholarships, the Orlando Scopelliti Scholarship Fund and the William S. and Virginia Hartman Family Scholarship Fund, that are awarded through this comprehensive scholarship application to students from various high schools in the area. These applications are reviewed through the Central Susquehanna Community Foundation.  

Beyond the awards managed through the Warrior Run Education Foundation, we also have 30+ awards that are also chosen based on completion of the comprehensive scholarship application that are based on the varied criteria listed earlier.


First Community Foundation Partnership Scholarship Application Now Open


The FCFP manages the following scholarships available to our students. To apply, you must go to the FCFP website (the link is below) and click on “Apply Here.” You will then hit “Register” to create an account. 


Muncy Bank & Trust Company Scholarship Fund - DEADLINE APRIL 15 - FCFP recommends • Attend an accredited college, university or trade school • Ranked in the top 40% of the graduating class • Additional preference given to customers of Muncy Bank & Trust Company, but is not a requirement to be considered 


Ralph and Josephine Smith Fund - DEADLINE APRIL 9TH • Attend an accredited institution of higher education • ESSAY QUESTION: Explain why it is important to give back to your community. Richard P. 


Lauchle Forestry Scholarship Fund - DEADLINE APRIL 15 - FCFP recommends • Plan to pursue a degree in a forest-related field of study, including Forest Technology 


Taylor J. Ertel Scholarship for Foster Children - OPEN APPLICATION, NO DEADLINE - CHECK WEBSITE TO ACCESS APPLICATION - FCFP recommends • PA resident who has been placed in foster care by a child welfare agency at some point in their lives • Admitted to a program of study: training may range from short vocational courses such as cosmetology, data entry or welding, through college and graduate study 


T-Ross Brothers Construction Scholarship - DEADLINE APRIL 15 - FCFP recommends • Plan to pursue a degree in a construction-related field of study


Link to Application: