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Career Pathways

What are Career Pathways?

A Pathway is a broad grouping of careers that share similar characteristics and whose employment requirements call for many common interests, strengths, and competencies.

Arts & Communication – Designed to cultivate students’ awareness, interpretation, application and production of visual, verbal and written work.

Business, Finance and Information Technology – Designed to prepare students for careers in the world of business, finance and information services

Engineering and Industrial Technology – Designed to cultivate students’ interests, awareness and application to areas related to technologies necessary to design, develop, install or maintain physical systems.

Human Services – Designed to cultivate students’ interests, skills and experience for employment in careers related to families and human needs.

Science and Health – Designed to cultivate students’ interest in the life, physical and behavioral sciences.  In addition, the planning, managing and providing of therapeutic services, diagnostic services, health information and biochemistry research development.

Why will students choose a career pathway?

  • To help focus on a career area that matches your interests

  • To help discover classes necessary to achieve your goals

  • To create career awareness and encourage planning for post-secondary educational opportunities

How Will I Select a Career Pathway?

  • Refer back to career development activities completed in middle school

  • Assignments and/or activities in Career Readiness I

  • Talk to your parents, counselors, and teachers 

How Will My Course Selection Be Impacted?

  • You will continue to complete coursework in major subject areas to satisfy graduation requirements

  • You will still be eligible for Honors and/or Advanced Placement coursework if they satisfy the prerequisites

  • You can still attend the LycoCTC, ACE, or STEM programs

  • Beginning with the Class of 2020, students will required to complete four elective courses within a Pathway and two elective courses outside of their chosen Pathway